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CCDT Outreach: Arts Education 
Connecting with Teachers & Students through Dance















For over 30 years Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre has developed exceptional programs to connect students to professional dance with a focus on creativity and student development.  Our expertise at CCDT is movement and youth.  We want to share our knowledge with teachers who are faced with the challenge of fulfilling the curriculum requirements on dance and movement.Dance Theatre has been among the leading youth dance companies around the world. Artistic Director Deborah Lundmark is grateful for the company's wide audience appreciation and is devoted to student exposure to the arts.

The success of these programs has been an inspiration to the CCDT team and it continues to be our mission to give every student the opportunity to reach their highest potential of creativity through dance.

Through the CCDT SolarDance Program, schools can chose from EveryDay Movement Workshops held at the CCDT Studios (509 Parliament St.) and/or Performances by the CCDT company dancers at the Fleck Dance Theatre (Harbourfront Centre).



OUTREACH PROGRAMS - EveryDay Movement Workshops

- In-Studio Workshops

Providing dance education workshops for elementary schools.  EVERYDAY MOVEMENT is a comprehensive dance education program which supports the dance curriculum requirements for Grades 3 to 8, learning grade appropriate material focused on the artistry and creativity of dance as a language.  Our Dance Artist Instructors are devoted to professional development with school teachers as they work to transfer dance knowledge back into the classrom.  (Reflective Analysis Material provided by CCDT upon request.)  Our curriculum-based workshops are offered throughout the school year at various dates, times and costs, according to your needs.


CLICK HERE FOR THE APPLICATION FORM for  Former City of York and Eligible Ward Schools 

CLICK HERE for more information about the EVERYDAY MOVEMENT Project. 


OUTREACH PROGRAMS - Company Performances

Student Matinee
Performances - In-Theatre Performances

Student Matinee Performances are offered 2 times per year in December and May. This excursion to the Fleck Dance Theatre, Harbourfront in Toronto will thrill your students to see our CCDT Company dancers - still in their teens - performing on stage. The performance program is a compilation of Deborah Lundmarks works as well as acclaimed commissioned  international choreographers.  The performances are designed for audiences grades 2-12. Artistic Director Deborah Lundmark leads a Q&A and brief description between pieces. 

CLICK HERE for more information about our Student Matinee Performances.



EVERYDAY MOVEMENT © - Educational DVD for school teachers
Designed by leading educators and dance artists to help teachers and students, Grades 1-8, enjoy the dance curriculum together, this 90-minute DVD features artists working with students, in collaboration with generalist classroom teachers.  This resource provides a series of scaffolded dance activities beginning with an exploration of the elements of dance and progressing to student composition of movement phrases.  Opportunities for meaningful reflection and analysis are embedded throughout the chapters.

CONTACT CCDT for Group and Individual Sales 416-924-5657 or development@ccdt.org



DanceGUIDE Workshops
- Professional Development for Teachers

CCDT's primary objective has always been the careful initiation of children into the vibrant art of dance.  This goal cannot be achieved without teachers who are passionately committed to the arts and, most of all, deeply sensitive to the ways and means by which dance touches upon the lives of children. 

CLICK HERE for more information about DanceGUIDE Workshops.




...the workshop was an enlightening experience that fostered personal expression and growth in the arts and ‘brought home’ the abstract ideas presented in the original fantastic performance…our school, students, and even our entire school board NEEDS more opportunities for ‘specialists’ in dance, like yourselves, to come into our classrooms.

Christine -- Teacher, Grade 8, St. Catharines


We had a great day yesterday and all of the classes thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our instructor was so prepared and was great with the kids. The content of her lessons fit with our curriculum and I learned how I can incorporate more dance into my program. Thanks again!

Philip -- Teacher, Grade 5, Toronto 


I just wanted to tell you how much my students and I enjoyed the dances presented. We were very impressed with the dances, and with the dancers as well. I was actually quite surprised that 3rd Grade students would absorb, and appreciate, so much of what they saw. It was time very well spent. Hope to see you next year.

Anonymous -- Teacher, Grade 3, Toronto


As the music and drama teacher of the school, for some time I have been looking for a performance that would introduce our students to modern dance. Your show was exactly what I was looking for, and more. Not only was it entertaining and beautifully performed, but the commentary and the fact that the dancers were young people made the show that much more accessible for our students.

Janet -- Music/Drama Specialist, Toronto