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CCDT Outreach:

Curriculum-Driven Study Guides for your Students

Our Performance Guides (CLICK images below)  can be used to prepare your classes for a visit to the Fleck Dance Theatre to see CCDT. Students will take more of an interest in the performance if they are prepared for what they will see.

WINTERSONG Student Matinees:        
December 06 - 07 - 08  -  Fleck Dance Theatre, Toronto

WINTERSONG Public Performances: 
December 9 - 10 - Fleck Dance Theatre, Toronto


You might emphasize to your students that they are not “required” to like every dance they see. A major step towards “dance literacy” – or any arts literacy and appreciation – is being able to recapture and describe what was seen, and give reasons for likes and dislikes.

Each Performance Guide contains a short description of each dance piece that you will see, bios of choreographers, a series of exercises taken from the curriculum that relate to the piece, as well as in-depth discussion topics on subjects that are raised by the dances. 


SERIOUS GAMES Student Matinees:       
May 23 - 24 - 25  -  Fleck Dance Theatre, Toronto

SERIOUS GAMES Public Performances: 
May 26-27 - Fleck Dance Theatre, Toronto