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CCDT Outreach: DancePLAY & DanceGUIDE
- Providing Workshops bringing Stage to Classroom
- Hands-On Training and Professional Development

 DancePLAY Workshops At Your School
Can't make it out to our studios?  We can come to YOU!  Our Dance Artist Instructors will work with you and your students to provide an hour-long workshop where the elements of dance as a language will be taught.  Complementing our performance offerings at the Fleck Dance Theatre, CCDT offers one-hour introductory classes in movement for those students interested in personally experiencing what they have seen on stage at one of our Student Matinee Performances.  The workshop is an excellent way to transfer this experience from the magic of the stage to the reality of the classroom.  Even if your class is not planning to attend our performance, we can gear a workshop to your students' level of dance knowledge and experience.

Location:      At YOUR own School
(Gymnasium or dance studio required)

Enrolment:  Limit 35 students
                           we request that the teacher(s)  remain present during entire workshop

Cost:               $150 + HST for 1 workshop
                         $275 + HST for 2 workshops
                         $375 + HST for 3 workshops
                         $475 + HST for 4 workshops
                          * over 4 workshops, $120.00 + HST / class

 To book your workshop contact Camille, 416-924-5657 or development@ccdt.org


DanceGUIDE Professional Development Sessions for Teachers  - Hands-on Training for Teachers of the Dance Curriculum
DanceGuide is a professional development workshop series for dance teachers of Grades 1-8. While DanceGuide specifically addresses the needs of teachers charged with delivering Ontario's dance curriculum, its systematic, progressive structure and material will benefit any teacher looking to inspire their students.

CCDT's primary objective has always been the careful initiation of children into the vibrant art of dance. This goal simply cannot be achieved without teachers who are passionately committed to the arts, schooled in its language, history and nuance and, most of all, deeply sensitive to the ways and means by which dance touches upon the lives of children.

a) Moving with Comfort and Confidence (1 hour)
The objective of this component is to foster within participants a feeling of self-confidence in their physicality and to demonstrate the ways in which movement is an integral and familiar part of daily life. This objective echoes both a basic Grade 1 curriculum requirement and dance theorist Rudolf Laban’s belief that dance grows out of the life of its time, reflecting ordinary motions such as work movements.

b) Talking the Talk/Walking the Walk (3 hours)
The first objective of this component is to communicate the basic elements of dance as they relate to the curriculum for Grades 1–8. The material is taught progressionally, following the progressional nature of the curriculum subject matter. Participants become familiar with the curriculum’s “big picture”, learning material pertinent to all eight grades, so that they may understand the relationship of their own grade material to the whole.

The second objective is to apply the elements and vocabulary of dance to the creative requirements found throughout the curriculum. Teachers learn to express themselves employing improvisation techniques and source materials from other subjects in the curriculum.

The third objective is to elaborate on the process of critical thinking, evaluation and communication that are key components of the curriculum.

The overall objective of DanceGuide is to provide teachers with a clear structure and method for organizing and delivering curriculum material.

Location:      will be determined upon booking 

$50 + HST
per session, per teacher
                     groups of 15 and more $600 (+HST) per session

 To schedule your session contact Camille, 416-924-5657 or development@ccdt.org


Outreach Programs Course Designer  -
Deborah Lundmark,  Artistic Director

Deborah Lundmark ranks among Canada's leading specialists in movement for the young with over thirty years' experience as a dance instructor and choreographer. She was a faculty member of Ryerson Polytechnic University's Department of Dance from 1992 to 2000, specialising in teacher training.

Ms. Lundmark is the founder of the School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre in Toronto, where she has trained the studio's second generation of teachers, some of whom began as children in her Creative Movement classes. She has developed and taught curriculum-related material over the past three decades and played a key role in the Toronto District Board of Education's Drama/Dance Project.

She is Artistic Director and Senior Outreach Teacher for the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre performing company. Touring with CCDT, Deborah has shared her expertise with teachers and dancers from Barrie to Beijing and most recently in Glasgow, Scotland July 2014 where CCDT performed in the first-ever Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival.