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CCDT presents:

May 26 & 27, 2023 | 8pm
Fleck Dance Theatre


Salience features three World Premieres by London’s Olivier Coëffard, New York City’s Chantelle Good, and by CCDT Artistic Director Deborah Lundmark. 2019 audience favourites Lacrimosa by Nicole Caruana and BYTIYE by Jennifer Archibald complete the company’s annual spring showcase of cutting-edge contemporary dance.

"among the ranks of Toronto’s top dance companies" 
– Paula Citron, The Globe and Mail

On the program:

Lacrimosa (2019)—Choreography by Nicole Caruana
A testimony of resilience; we lament and we rise.

The Pace of You (World Premiere)—Choreography by Chantelle Good

​“Move at the pace of you. Liberation is to preserve one’s own well-being.” - Tanisha Christie
Untitled (World Premiere)—Choreography by Deborah Lundmark

The thoughts drawn (World Premiere)—Choreography by Olivier Coëffard
Inner demons of oneself. Some of our past experiences or trauma become a part of us; they exist within us forever regardless of if we wish to keep them or not. They can then handicap us or become a strength. What will define this, is no other than oneself. I wanted to explore the journey of turning ghosts into strength in order to move forward.
—Olivier Coëffard
BYTIYE (2019)—Choreography by Jennifer Archibald      
Is it even possible to achieve higher consciousness? BYTIYE - (n) a higher state of being; a meaningful existence, investigates how you raise your consciousness and awaken to the eternal, unlimited nature of your being.


Graphics by jcBowmanDESIGN
Photo by David Hou of LATTICE by Jennifer Archibald

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