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Connecting with Teachers & Students through Dance

For over 30 years Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre has developed exceptional programs to connect students to professional dance with a focus on creativity and student development. Our expertise at CCDT is movement and youth.  As one of the world's leading youth dance companies, we strive to share our knowledge with teachers who are faced with the challenge of fulfilling the curriculum requirements on dance and movement. Artistic Director Deborah Lundmark is grateful for the company's wide audience appreciation and is devoted to student exposure to the arts.

The success of the outreach programs we offer has been an inspiration to the CCDT team and it continues to be our mission to give every student the opportunity to reach their highest potential of creativity through dance.


for grades 1-8

Providing dance education workshops and teaching tools for elementary schools, EVERYDAY MOVEMENT is a comprehensive program which supports dance curriculum requirements, learning grade-appropriate material focused on the artistry and creativity of dance as a language. EVERYDAY MOVEMENT is also available as an educational DVD for school teachers.


for dance studios, performing arts schools, and other intensive dance training programs (ages 8-18)

Our Masterclasses are designed for dancers who are already training intensively (a minimum of 3 classes a week) in ballet, modern, and/or contemporary dance techniques. Masterclasses include Limón Modern technique and current CCDT repertoire (phrasework), and are offered from elementary to advanced/pre-professional levels.


for students and dance students (grades 1-12)

Student Matinee Performances are held on several occasions throughout the year in Toronto and other cities around Ontario. An excursion to your local theatre will thrill students to see our CCDT Company dancers—still in their teens—performing on stage. These hour-long performances include a variety of contemporary dances and a Question & Answer session.

Photos by David Hou

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