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What the Critics Say...

CCDT can take its place among the ranks of Toronto’s top dance companies

The Globe and Mail

What all the works share is substance and artistic integrity

The Dance Current

Perfect alchemy... CCDT dancers did their country proud with a professionalism that belied their age

The Scotsman National Newspaper

A remarkable dance troupe!

The Toronto Star

In a word, WinterSong is impressive

Classical 96.3 FM Radio

a national treasure

The Globe and Mail

An impressive array of choreographic and musical talent

The Toronto Star

Light Years 2019-396.jpg

If only for this moment of awe, the kind all dance-lovers wordlessly hope they'll witness when purchasing at ticket, Light Years earns its space and audience by commissioning one of the most powerful transformative voices in contemporary dance today. Fortunately, it takes us the full distance of contemporary dance's diverse spectrum.

From our audience...

CCDT’s unique combination of international touring experience, years of educational programming and a repertoire of top notch and age appropriate Canadian contemporary choreography meant that they were received with tremendous enthusiasm and respect throughout the region.

Lisa Dolittle, University of Lethbridge

Now Showing Live Arts Series - Alberta Tour

It was amazing.  I loved it.  You guys are all amazing dancers and you guys looked like you enjoyed it, so that made me enjoy it!


Fleck Dance Theatre - Toronto Residency

…the dance seemed effortless yet had a toughness and electric sizzle that made you hold your breath… the technical and professional quality of your performances led us to a new plateau!

Moira McIntyre, Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts partner

Collingwood Residency

I came here from Mississauga with my dance class, and the entire time I was sitting there with my jaw dropped at how amazing the performance was.  Watching Centre Shift, and all the amazing pieces, I walked out of there thinking about how dance has no boundaries, no barriers, no limitations, just commitment and passion. Thank you for one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had through dance.

Student, Rick Hansen Secondary School

Fleck Dance Theatre - Toronto Residency

I go to dance/gymnastics and to me you guys are my idols!

Grade 6 Student

Fleck Dance Theatre - Toronto Residency

The opportunity for young students to view other young people dance in a professional manner, in a professional setting is incredibly valuable. My students saw, first hand, the results of a peer's dedication, practice and devotion to their craft. This first-hand experience addresses so many points of our Arts Curriculum. The many genres represented in the program also helps to bring to life Dance Curriculum in terms of exposing students to live examples of aspects of modern and traditional dance forms.


Fleck Dance Theatre - Toronto Residency

Photos by David Hou

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