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CCDT dancers benefit from exceptional training in classical ballet, modern and contemporary techniques with The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre. This combination leads to a well-rounded dancer who is able to interpret and perform the work of diverse choreographers.

The School was founded in 1983 by CCDT Artistic Director, Deborah Lundmark and is now considered one of Canada’s leading dance training centres. It aims to provide a creative home for young bodies, minds, and spirits. Affiliated with the Royal Academy of Dance, SCCDT offers a variety of classes including creative movement, jazz, tap, hip hop, and musical theatre, in addition to ballet and modern. Ms. Lundmark has over forty years of experience guiding young dancers from first steps to stage premieres.


The School’s expert faculty seeks to make an art of the natural joy of movement found in every child, providing a unique alternative to competition based training. Encouraging recreational students, pre-professional students, adults, and everyone in between, the School’s objective is to foster not only the “thinking dancer” but also the self-directed and physically confident young person.

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Photos by Francesca Chudnoff

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