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Welcome to Our Birthday Party at Gravity’s Edge

Turning 40!  The threshold of middle age…what could become a time to settle comfortably into the set ways of long practice rewarded by occasional success.

Of course, Fate had other plans for us, first derailing our live May 2020 celebration at our second home, Fleck Dance Theatre, then nixing our livestream from that delightful stage this spring.

So, far from settling in, we have been rudely shaken into new ways of expressing the brilliance that our resilient young dancers and ever-inventive choreographers bring to this madly reset table.

We are freshly learning to see the world through the lens of a camera – to appreciate the inherent intimacy of that instrument, then filtered through the cool medium of the digital image.

But there is more. We are learning to visualize this hot/cool interplay set against rich landscapes and cityscapes we could never have imagined amid the comforts of a sprung floor, one actually featuring protection from the elements.

And so, CCDT has rejuvenated, 40 years after tumbling into the world with such unlikely ambitions. It is our hope that you find us, at Gravity’s Edge, wearing those wonderful years ever so lightly.


– Deborah and Michael



The Gift

Film Premiere

Stage Premiere: May 2016

Choreography & Direction: Hanna Kiel

Staging & Rehearsal Direction: Natasha Poon Woo

Dancers: Mariah Fernandes, Claire Finlayson, Estella Haensel, Kaiya Lee, Soraya Lee Wo, Emma O'Brien, Jaedyn Richards, Uma Roberts, and Joshua Vilim

Cinematography & Editing: Drew Berry

Music: Greg Haines, Orphan Swords

Costumes: Krista Dowson

The Gift - Hanna Kiel

Mariah Fernandes

The Gift is about the relationship between the universe and us; how we connect to and receive beautiful inspiration from each other, and experience miracles from unexpected places. By whichever means our paths are created, we are constantly influencing and being influenced by the energies around us, carving an individual and unique journey through life. Recreating this piece for film has allowed it to gain new depth and dimension as a cinematic experience. - H.K.

Heartfelt thanks to dancers Andrew, Hannah, Hope, Katie, Marie-Elena and Sera, for your involvement in and dedication to the early stages of this remount process. - N.P.W.


Earth Dance, Wire Dance

Film Premiere

CCDT Stage Premiere: May 2006

Choreography: Sasha Ivanochko

Staging & Rehearsal Direction: Natasha Poon Woo

Dancers: Andrew Clifton, Hannah Clifton, Estella Haensel, Soraya Lee Wo, and Joshua Vilim

Understudies: Hope Fritz and Marie-Elena LeBlanc Bellissimo

Cinematography: Drew Berry

Direction & Editing: Krista Newey

Music: Matmos

Costumes: Natasha Poon Woo

Screen Shot 2021-07-15 at 10.30_edited.jpg

Joshua Vilim, Hannah Clifton, and Estella Haensel

I never use music to dramaturge my choreography, but ideas for the creation of Earth Dance, Wire Dance were in direct response to Matmos’ kinetic, groovy and unusually structured music. The material I created is extremely quick and requires the dancers to both adhere to these aspects of the music, while also driving through it to find their physical grounding. It’s a very tricky balance. - S.I.

Earth Dance, Wire Dance was originally commissioned by The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2004.

Special thanks to Friends of Guild Park & Gardens


Film Premiere

Choreography: Gioconda Barbuto in collaboration with the 2020 cast dancers

Staging & Rehearsal Direction: Natasha Poon Woo

Dancers: Andrew Clifton, Claire Finlayson, Kaiya Lee, Soraya Lee Wo, Jaedyn Richards, and Uma Roberts

Understudy: Hope Fritz

Direction: Drew Berry and Natasha Poon Woo

Cinematography & Editing: Drew Berry

Music: Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet Amsterdam, Yann Tiersen

Music Editing: Christopher Bill

Costumes: Natasha Poon Woo


Claire Finlayson, Andrew Clifton, Kaiya Lee, and Jaedyn Richards

Contours was inspired by selected moments reimagined from last season's original creation for CCDT, Signatures, yet to be premiered. The original process investigated spatial awareness and our connections to it and each other. With Covid restrictions in place it was intriguing to explore this further, as our relationship with distance and space became paramount in navigating new responses that ultimately connect from afar.  - G.B.

Special thanks to the original cast dancers of Signatures for their artistic collaboration in the creation of that work, and this reimagined version of it: Paris Forbes, Lola Rose Jenkins, Nikkie Jeong, Jeffrey Lapira, Kaiya Lee, Jaedyn Richards, Sydney Runions, Daniel Santokie, and Melodie Yeung

Special Thanks to 4 Wheel Farm and the Magwood Family

Evil Twin

CCDT Film Premiere

Choreography: Roderick George

Staging & Rehearsal Direction: Natasha Poon Woo

Dancers: Andrew Clifton, Hannah Clifton, Mariah Fernandes, Kaiya Lee, and Jaedyn Richards

Understudies: Hope Fritz and Marie-Elena LeBlanc Bellissimo

Cinematography, Direction & Editing: Drew Berry

Music: Modeselektor feat. Otto von Shirach

Music Remix: Tigga Calore

Costumes: Natasha Poon Woo

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 1.04_edited.jpg

The cast of Evil Twin

Evil Twin was first created in 2013 at Springboard Danse Montréal as part of the Emerging Choreographers Project. I used the creative opportunity to explore my queer side and how it exists within the machinery of society; the idea of outward presentation along society's norms, yet being freed by releasing the authenticity of our inner beings! - R.G.

the darkening green


Choreography & Direction: Deborah Lundmark

Rehearsal Direction: Natasha Poon Woo

Dancers: Hannah Clifton, Claire Finlayson, Estella Haensel, Kaiya Lee, Soraya Lee Wo, Jaedyn Richards, and Joshua Vilim

Cinematography & Editing: Drew Berry

Original Music: Greg Harrison and Frances Miller

Costumes: Krista Dowson, Cheryl Lalonde

Production Assistance: Michael deConinck Smith, Kjartan Hewitt


Claire Finlayson, Jaedyn Richards, Joshua Vilim, Kaiya Lee, Hannah  Clifton, and Soraya Lee Wo

In 1990, celebrating our company’s 10th anniversary, I was inspired by William Blake’s playful Ecchoing Green to create a sunlit dance in Blake’s imagined meadow. The poem, though, concludes with his image of “the darkening green”.  As I reflect on the changes in our world over the past thirty years, I feel moved to a more melancholy sense of Nature’s beauty and to the need for a less innocent response to the changes we are witnessing. - D.L.

Special thanks to Friends of Guild Park & Gardens


The Company

Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre is a repertory company founded in 1980 for emerging artists under 19 years of age by Artistic Director, Deborah Lundmark, and Managing Director, Michael deConinck Smith. Company members and audiences alike enjoy one of Canada’s largest and most diverse repertoires including creations by such dance luminaries as David Earle, Carol Anderson, Danny Grossman, Margie Gillis, and Peggy Baker and, more recently, Colin Connor, Jennifer Archibald, Apolonia Velasquez, Hanna Kiel, Jera Wolfe, and Gioconda Barbuto, among many others. Presentation highlights include appearances at Toronto’s Princess of Wales and Royal Alexandra Theatres for the Creative Trust and Dancers for Life Galas and five invitations to the Canada Dance Festival in Ottawa. A leading touring company, CCDT has introduced over 300,000 young people to dance through its Ontario Arts Access program, and won the Toronto Arts Foundation’s prestigious Arts for Youth Award for its development of young artists and young audiences.

Company Artists

2020/21 Season

Click any artist for details

Photos by Francesca Chudnoff

The Company


Artist Biographies

Deborah Lundmark 3908 bw_edited.jpg

Deborah Lundmark

Co-Founder, Artistic Director & Resident Choreographer

Deborah Lundmark has created more than 40 works for her company. These include collaborations with the Danny Grossman Dance Company, the Toronto Children's Chorus and Toronto Symphony Youth Orchestra and blues artists Thompson Egbo-Egbo and Jerome Godboo. From her Street Songs (1980) to Dancing Day (1989), Precipice (2010) and Alien Grace (2018), Ms. Lundmark has impressed audiences and critics alike with the power, precision and artistry of her unique company. She has commissioned over one hundred works from a who’s who of Canadian choreographers including David Earle, Carol Anderson, Tedd Robinson, Santee Smith and Ofilio Sinbadinho and from abroad, Colin Connor, Sidra Bell, Kevin Wynn (USA) and Alexander Whitley (UK). Her company has won Toronto Arts Foundation’s prestigious Arts for Youth Award and has been critically acclaimed as "a national treasure" numbered "among the ranks of Toronto’s top dance companies" by The Globe and Mail. Her dancers have gone on to perform with many of the world’s leading companies including the José Limón Dance Company whose recent 70th anniversary CCDT helped to celebrate with performances of José Limón’s The Winged at New York City's Joyce Theater.

Photo by Gary Ray Rush

Michael's Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Michael deConinck Smith

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Michael deConinck Smith has directed the staging of over three hundred CCDT productions including five appearances at the Canada Dance Festival. In 1988 he conceived and produced CCDT’s acclaimed collaboration with the Toronto Boys Choir and the Hanson Singers, the original WINTERSONG – dances for a sacred season, now a three-decade-old tradition. In 1990, Michael led CCDT’s first international tour to the People’s Republic of China, and the following year the premiere of SONGS of INNOCENCE and of EXPERIENCE, featuring commissions by ten leading choreographers, realized one of his long-cherished dreams. From 1997 to 2000 he planned CCDT’s extensive tours of Northern Ontario, and in 2002 led the company’s return to Southeast Asia with performances in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, Malaysia. In 1994, Michael oversaw the purchase and renovation of CCDT’s 509 DANCE studios, now an intergenerational crossroads for Canadian dance. For fifteen years Michael has led his company’s Ontario Community Residencies Program introducing more than 300,000 young people to contemporary dance in theatres throughout Ontario. Most recently, he produced CCDT’s Scotland tour to the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival followed by the company’s inaugural appearances at the storied Joyce Theater in New York City as part of the José Limón Dance Company’s International Dance Festival in celebration of their 70th Anniversary.

Photo by Gary Ray Rush

Natasha_by Drew Berry crop.jpg

Natasha Poon Woo

Associate Artistic Director, Rehearsal Director & Production Manager

Natasha Poon Woo began her training and performance career with Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre from 2000-2007. She went on to study at the Conservatory of Dance at SUNY Purchase College, where she had the opportunity to perform the works of esteemed choreographers Pam Tanowitz, Twyla Tharp, and Doug Varone, before graduating summa cum laude with a BFA and the President’s Award for Achievement. Natasha has performed with companies and artists in Canada and abroad including Conny Janssen Danst, the Kevin Wynn Collection, Rock Bottom Movement, The Dietrich Group, Roderick George, Benjamin Landsberg, Ryan Lee / The Platform, Gadfly, Little Pear Garden Dance Company, and Hit & Run Dance Productions. She is a Dora Award-winning performer with Rock Bottom for its acclaimed 2019 production, hollow mountain.

Natasha is an experienced dance educator, specializing in Limón-based Modern and C-I Training™ (mentored and certified by Donna Krasnow). She is a founding member of The Garage collective, Rehearsal Director for Human Body Expression, an Extension Method™ instructor, and a regular guest teacher and rehearsal director for dance artists and organizations throughout the GTA. 

Photo by Drew Berry

Drew Berry_edited.jpg

Drew Berry

Cinematographer, Film Director & Editor

Drew Berry is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary performance artist and teacher. Her mediums include dance, theatre, photography, videography, and classical piano. In 2016, Drew joined Rock Bottom Movement, whose recent production hollow mountain was awarded two Dora Mavor Moore awards. Other collaborators include: Jaberi Dance Theatre, Portal Dance, Emma Kerson, Nico Al Ajillio, Irma Villafuerte, Kate Hilliard, Opera 5, Alias Dance Project, Nostos Collective, and Kaeja d’Dance. Drew is the resident photographer/videographer with Kaeja d'Dance and has done freelance photo/video work with Fall For Dance North, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, X University, Kaya Usher, REAson d’Etre Danse, Alias Dance Project, ACE Dance Theatre, and Human Body Expression, to name a few. Drew was an artist in residence for the 2020/21 season at Guelph Dance where she created a short film, Portraiture, which premiered at the 2021 Guelph Dance Festival, with screenings at Hillside Homeside and dance: made in canada this summer. Drew is on faculty at Centennial College teaching Ballet and Choreography and is working for Quinte Ballet School of Canada as their Social Media Manager. A graduate from Quinte Ballet School of Canada’s post-graduate program, Drew holds her BFA (Honours) from the Performance Dance program at X University.

Photo by Elizabeth Gagnon

Krista Newey_edited.jpg

Krista Newey

Film Director & Editor

Krista is a dancer/performer/comedian/choreographer hybrid. She holds a BFA in Dance from X University. Krista has performed with Rock Bottom Movement, Alias Dance Project, Nostos Collectives, The Garage, Frog In Hand, and Kylie Thompson Dance. Her work has appeared in X University’s Choreographic Works and New Voices Festival, Dance Matters, and The Garage Studio Showing, Kaeja d’Dance’s Wind Down Dance, and with Nostos. Krista has become increasingly interested in creating dance on film and will have a film featured in both dance: made in/fait au canada’s film festival and the FORM Festival in September 2021. Krista uses comedy as a driving force in her work and creates from shared human experiences to illustrate and exaggerate the strangeness of life.

Photo by Kendra Epik

PJ Elisha_edited.jpg

Paul-John Elisha

Livestream Producer

Paul-John Elisha is a Ryerson graduate and RED Academy certified digital marketer. He joined Citadel + Compagnie in 2019 as a digital specialist and has since become the marketing manager. He has a background in website development, digital strategy, and media management. Over the past year, he has expanded his expertise to consulting and producing livestreams for CCDT, Dancemakers, TO Love-In, and other non-profit organizations. 

Gioconda_Barbuto_2021_86 photo©Michael Slobodian_edited_edited.jpg

Gioconda Barbuto


Gioconda Barbuto is an internationally esteemed Canadian dancer and choreographer. As a long-time member of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and Nederlands Dans Theater III, Gioconda was quickly recognized as a versatile and magnetic artist, gracing the works of many leading choreographers. Her synergy in studio with Jiří Kylián in particular led to two celebrated dance films, Birth Day and Car Men. In 1996, she was nominated for The Kennedy Center Fellowship and received The Banff Centre’s Clifford E. Lee Choreography Award. She has unflaggingly pursued her choreographic calling, creating detailed, dynamic friezes of full-bodied gesture, marked by her innate musicality. Choreographing for many acclaimed dance companies, her oeuvre now counts over fifty works. In 2015 Gioconda was selected as the McKnight International Choreographer in Minnesota. She also obtained one of the choreographic positions for Oregon Ballet Theatre’s Choreography XX competition, creating BringingOutsideIn — named “best in premiere” in Dance Europe magazine. Gioconda also extends her methods for moulding space and energy through her Movement Workshops and is invited to teach worldwide.

Photo by Michael Slobodian


Roderick George


Roderick George was born in Houston, Texas, and trained at the Houston Ballet Academy, Alvin Ailey School, Miami City Ballet, LINES Professional Program, the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, and SUNY Purchase College. He has danced with companies such as NYC’s Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and Sidra Bell Dance NY, as well as Ballett Basel/Theater Basel (Switzerland), Goteborg Operan DansKompani (Sweden), and The Forsythe Company (Germany). He has performed the works of choreographers Marie Chouinard, William Forsythe, Sharon Eyal, Jiří Kylian, and Ohad Naharin, among many others.


As the Founder, Artistic Director, and Choreographer of kNonAme Artist, Roderick has presented his full-length work Fleshless Beast in Berlin and Montreal, with a 2020 film version shot and produced in NYC. His choreography has been presented by Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Ballett Basel, the Goteborg Operan DansKompani, Springboard Danse Montreal, and Youth American Grand Prix, in addition to commissions by companies and conservatories worldwide. Roderick is currently pursuing his Dance MFA at Hollins University.

Photo by Jubal Battisti


Sasha Ivanochko


Sasha Ivanochko is a choreographer, pedagogue and arts worker with 30 years of international experience in the field of Contemporary dance. A School of Toronto Dance Theatre graduate, she earned her MFA Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University. Her artistic research has been supported through two Chalmers Family Fellowships, the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate scholarship, and she received the 2020 John Hobday Award for arts management. She founded and toured her ad hoc company, Ivanochko in company for fifteen years, was the Artistic Director of Dancers’ Studio West from 2018-2021 and is the incoming Artistic Director of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

Hanna Kiel 2_edited.jpg

Hanna Kiel

Choreographer & Director

Dora winner Hanna Kiel is from Seoul, South Korea, and moved to Vancouver in 1996. She has presented her work at 12 Minutes Max, PlanB Singles and solos Festival, Dancing on the Edge Festival and Pulse at the Scotiabank Dance Centre in Vancouver. In 2007, she collaborated with Yoko Ono as a dancer and choreographer at the Centre A. Moving to Toronto in 2008, Hanna has continued choreographing for: Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, Conteur Dance Academy, George Brown Dance, Ryerson Dances, School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Kenny Pearl’s Emerging Artist Intensive, IGNITE, ProArteDanza, Ballet Jörgen, Alias Dance Project, The National Ballet of Canada, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, Toronto Dance Theatre and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Calgary. She was an E-choreographer in 2015 for Springboard Danse Montreal and one of the choreographers at Osez 2018 in Quebec City. Hanna is the Artistic Director of Human Body Expression, one of the founders of The Garage dance development and exchange collective group, and Resident Choreographer of Canada's Ballet Jörgen.

Photo by Jake Ramos

Greg pic_edited_edited.jpg

Greg Harrison


Toronto-based percussionist and Dora-nominated composer Greg Harrison is emerging as one of Canada’s finest talents in contemporary music. His extensive resume spans artists and groups including Jeremy Dutcher, Cirque du Soleil, Video Games Live, R. Murray Schafer, and Fred Penner. Described as a “percussion & electronics wizard” (Bob Boilen - NPR Music), Harrison’s performative and compositional style merge his classical music background with his passion for electronic music. In recent years, Harrison's commissions have been coveted by Human Body Expression, ProArte Danza, Toronto Dance Theatre, Fifth Wind Quintet, CCDT, Dr. Morris Palter (University of Arizona), and Division 85 Films.


grej on Bandcamp

Mear_019 1 1_edited_edited.jpg

Frances Miller


Frances Miller is a vocalist and songwriter living in Toronto with experience working in commercial projects, dance and independent film. Miller's band Mear is currently completing a visual album with support from The Canada Council for the Arts. Miller is also a PhD candidate at York University where her work focuses on interpersonal synchrony and entrainment in community music.





Krista Dowson.jpg

Krista Dowson

Costume Designer, Costume Producer & Resident Wardrobe Manager

Krista, happily, is a ballet “lifer.” 


Her first formal ballet class was at the age of 6, and at the age of 12 she joined Canada’s National Ballet School. Upon graduation, in 2000, she entered the National Ballet of Canada under the Apprentice Program. With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, she advanced to the Corps de Ballet two years later.


Krista retired from the National Ballet after a fulfilling 14-year career. She remains situated within the dance world, designing and building costumes and dance wear for dancers and companies, both nationally and internationally. She has had the pleasure of designing costumes for The National Ballet of Canada’s Being and Nothingness, and was delighted to design and build costumes for Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s Seven Deadly Sins, Casa Loma’s Legends of Horror, and Toronto Dance Theatre’s production of Alyssa Martin’s Bin Chicken, as well as multiple productions for ProArteDanza, Côté Danse, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, Ballet Kelowna and Hit & Run Dance Productions.


Making costumes and clothing help people share the stories that matter to them.


Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre presents


2020/2021 Season | 40th Anniversary Virtual Production

Co-Founder & Artistic Director: Deborah Lundmark

Co-Founder & Managing Director: Michael deConinck Smith

Associate Artistic Director & Rehearsal Director: Natasha Poon Woo

Film Directors: Drew Berry, Hanna Kiel, Krista Newey, Deborah Lundmark, Natasha Poon Woo

Livestream Producer: Paul-John Elisha

Company Dancers: Andrew Clifton, Hannah Clifton, Mariah Fernandes, Claire Finlayson, Estella Haensel, Kaiya Lee, Soraya Lee Wo, Emma O'Brien, Jaedyn Richards, Uma Roberts, Joshua Vilim, Katie Wetmore

Company Apprentices: Sera Bryce, Hope Fritz, Marie-Elena LeBlanc Bellissimo

Choreographers: Gioconda Barbuto, Roderick George, Sasha Ivanochko, Hanna Kiel, Deborah Lundmark

Composers: Greg Harrison and Frances Miller

Production Manager: Natasha Poon Woo

Production Assistance: Michael deConinck Smith, Kjartan Hewitt

Cinematographer: Drew Berry

Editors: Drew Berry, Krista Newey

Resident Wardrobe Manager: Krista Dowson

Costumes: Krista Dowson, Cheryl Lalonde, Natasha Poon Woo

Countdown Slideshow Assembly: Michael deConinck Smith

Countdown Slideshow Music: grej, Shipwreck

End Credits Music: Mear, Perfect Mess and This Love

Company Instructors, Faculty: Andrea Downie, Carmen Cairns, Deborah Lundmark, Natasha Poon Woo

Company Instructors, Guest Artists: Kristen Carcone, Roderick George, Jenni Gordon, Tamisha Guy, Louis Laberge-Côté, Brian Lawson, Ryan Lee, Bob McCollum, Alyssa Martin, Megan Nadain, David Norsworthy, Philip Payne, Annie Rigney, Frances Samson, Brett Taylor, Darryl Tracy, Calder White, Megan Williams, Jera Wolfe

Company Accompanists: Marcel Hoff, James Langevin, Jay Sussman, Kevin Tam, Brandon Valdivia, Dmitry Zabrotsky

Directors, Young Apprentice Program: Frances Samson, Meredith Thompson

Director, Core Apprentice Program: Megan Nadain

Marketing, Development & Outreach: Kate Morrison

Social Media & Website: Natasha Poon Woo

Associate Director, School of CCDT: Carmen Cairns

School of CCDT Administrator: Patricia Allison

Administrative Assistants: Cassandra Grose, Sully Malaeb Proulx, Katherine Semchuk

509 Dancewear Store Manager: Christine Arthurs

Photographers: Drew Berry, Francesca Chudnoff, David Hou

Graphic Design and Animation: JCBowman Design, Tim Sibley

Technical Support: Eddie Kastrau

Special Thanks: Patricia Allison, Drew Berry, Christopher Bill, Joan C. Bowman, Krista Dowson, PJ Elisha, Taylor Forbes, Friends of Guild Park & Gardens, Greg Harrison, Kjartan Hewitt, Iven Lee, The Magwood Family, Alyssa Martin, Frances Miller, Kate Morrison, Krista Newey, The Roberts Family, and Tim Sibley


CCDT Gratefully Acknowledges

Live Your Passion 2020/21 


Bulmash-Siegel Fund

John Hummel

Kenny Pearl

Anny & Derek Poon Woo

Geoffrey Rytell

Kate Schatzky

Supporters of the SOLAR DANCE Scholarship Fund

Rita Field-Marsham

Lola Raminsky and the Arts Access Fund

We express appreciation to our CCDT Board of Directors:

Gerry Maddison | President/Chairperson

Philip Akin | Vice President/Vice Chairperson

Tom Sheppard | Treasurer

Paula Prociuk Blacklock | Officer

CCDT gives thanks to the following Arts Schools for their contributions to supporting the artistry and development of our Company dancers:

Cawthra Park Secondary School - Regional Arts Program

Earl Haig Secondary School - Claude Watson Arts Program

Etobicoke School of the Arts

Rosedale Heights School of the Arts

Thank You To Our Supporters

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John Hummel
Kenny Pearl
Geoffrey Rytell
Kate Schatzky
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CCDT Tours are made possible by a grant from the Ontario Arts Council's Ontario Touring Program

Thank you to all those who so generously made additional contributions when purchasing Gravity's Edge tickets

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