TG20: A Day of Light Shines Beyond the Solstice

Teasing Gravity 2020 Spotlight: Hanna Kiel's A Day of Light Originally commissioned for CCDT's 2018 production of WinterSong - dances for a scared season, A Day of Light is an 18-minute ensemble work celebrating the winter solstice, choreographed by Hanna Kiel. Collaborating with the dancers during the creation process, Hanna brought to life a tight-knit community gathering at a joyous festival on winter's first lengthening day of sunlight. Also commissioned for the creation were acclaimed musicians Greg Harrison and Frances Miller, who drew upon personal experiences and memories to compose the work's original score. Despite its solstice inspirations, A Day of Light has transcended the wint

TG20: "Each one with their own journey" through Lacrimosa

Teasing Gravity 2020 Spotlight: Nicole Caruana's Lacrimosa Originally commissioned for CCDT's 2019 production of Light Years, Nicole Caruana's Lacrimosa became an instant favourite among student and public audiences alike last spring. A work that challenges the dancers' physical capacities and emotional depth to exciting new limits, Lacrimosa's aesthetic appeal is further bolstered by its delightful wit and charm -- key characteristics of Nicole's fast-rising choreographic voice. Some of the original cast members shared their unique perspectives from the inside of Lacrimosa, and what this work has gifted them through being part of its creation and performance. ----- Lacrimosa is hands down o

TG20: Embers Burning On

Teasing Gravity 2020 Spotlight: Jera Wolfe's Embers Embers, choreographed by Jera Wolfe, was CCDT’s WinterSong 2019 commission, as well as part of the 2020 Northern Ontario touring program. Surrounding the theme of the winter solstice, Jera utilized many ideas that would be associated with the season of winter, such as finding warmth from the cold through huddling, and the intensity of what a snowstorm is like. Although Jera had implemented his own vision into the piece, each of us as individual dancers have discovered our own interpretation of the movement and the story behind it. From my perspective, I interpreted the piece based on the role that I have in relationship to the other dancers

TG20: Being the Brand New Ball Passer

Teasing Gravity 2020 Spotlight: Charles Moulton's Nine Person Precision Ball Passing The first time I saw Nine Person Precision Ball Passing was in the spring of 2018 on a field trip to one of CCDT’s school shows at the Fleck Dance Theatre. My first impression was, “WOW,” the movement was so specific, the different patterns made it very satisfying to watch and also created interesting pictures throughout the piece. As I watched the piece there were many questions that came to mind. How long did it take these dancers to learn this piece? How many different patterns were there? I also remember seeing a ball drop from someone's hand, but before I could figure out where it was supposed to be, it

TG20: Four Years of Feeling Infinite

Teasing Gravity 2020 Spotlight: Alyssa Martin's that infinite feeling One of the standout, most memorable dances in CCDT's touring repertoire over our 40-year history has indisputably been Alyssa Martin's 2017 commission, that infinite feeling. The Founder and Artistic Director of Toronto company Rock Bottom Movement, Alyssa's recent accolades include a Dora Award nomination for Outstanding Original Choreography, and winning the Canadian Stage Award for Direction at the 2018 SummerWorks Performance Festival. An ensemble work for eight teenage girls, that infinite feeling has had thousands of audience members of all ages smiling and laughing with its vibrant and relatable portrayal of learnin

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