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An interview with SunDance faculty Carmen Cairns

Ms. Carmen Cairns’s contribution to the school cannot, and does not go unnoticed. Her dedication to her students has not waivered since 2007 when she first began teaching ballet at the school. Her work ethic transfers down to her students who are keen on becoming the best dancers they can be. The high level that Ms. Carmen teaches at raises the bar for her students and as a result the bar for the school is elevated. Because of the high technical level sought after by CCDT it allows for the company to bring in many renowned choreographers. Some people may find repertoire to that caliber difficult, but our students are always up for the challenge and they end up exceeding everyone’s expectations.

Ms. Carmen will be teaching ballet, character and ballet repertoire, and flamenco at SunDance. We had a chance to talk to Ms. Carmen about her experiences teaching at the summer intensive!

CCDT: What is your favourite part about teaching at SunDance?

CC: I think my favourite part is meeting new students and exploring new work.

(Dancer’s at SunDance learn pieces for an open house showing on the last day.)

CCDT: What do you find different from teaching at SunDance, or a summer intensive, that is different from the regular dance season?

CC: Working in the daylight hours! During the school’s regular season I teach in the evenings.

CCDT: How many years have you been teaching at SunDance?

CC: This will be my 12th year teaching at SunDance!

CCDT: What’s your best piece of advice you could give to new summer students?

CC: Take inspiration from all around, and don't be afraid to challenge yourself - you may be surprised.

CCDT: Anything else you want to share about SunDance?

CC: The experience and information you will take with you is worth the hard work. SunDance is an amazing and intense 3 weeks, that will change, shape and inspire you to dance better.

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