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Introducing Hope Fritz

Hope Fritz is a Grade 10 Dance Major at Cawthra Park Secondary School, and a new Company Apprentice at CCDT for the 2020/2021 Season. Since her first SunDance this past July she has been soaking up every moment with CCDT, both in the studio and online, finding fresh positivity and determination with each new opportunity and challenge.

Describe your history with CCDT.

This is my first year as a Company Apprentice, and I have already learnt and grown as a dancer. Though my time with CCDT has been short, I have enjoyed every moment of it. Dancing with such talented individuals has inspired me to work harder and push my boundaries.

What was it like training and dancing from home during the lockdown earlier this year and through the summer? What helped you to stay positive and motivated during the tough times? How does it feel now to be back at the studio?

Training and dancing through lockdown, although unconventional, allowed me to be grateful for every moment I get to dance without the restriction of space. Dancing through lockdown taught me resilience and perseverance. Knowing that eventually I would be back dancing in the studio allowed the passion I felt for dance to continue to grow.

How else did you pass the time during our time apart? Did you develop any new hobbies or skills during your time in lockdown?

I passed the time by reading and expressing my emotions through journaling. I also spent time walking and enjoying nature.

This season is going to be very different as we experiment with alternative ways to work together and safely present dance to our audiences. What are you most enjoying and/or looking forward to?

Firstly, it’s a great honour to be sharing the space with such talented dancers. I would say I’m most excited for investigating more repertoire creations and collaborating with amazing artists such as Deborah Lundmark and Alyssa Martin.

What's a fun fact about you most people don't know?

Many people don’t know that I taught myself how to play the ukulele. Also I went parasailing when I was six years old.

What skills do you think your training, performing, and overall experience with CCDT have given you that are transferable to other aspects of your life?

CCDT is filled with amazing teachers and dancers, I have learned many skills that will definitely transfer to other aspects of my life. An example of this is discipline, as a dancer you have to be responsible so you can grow and succeed. I have learned how fragile time can be and to appreciate the time we have to do the things we love. CCDT in the short time I’ve been there has taught me that even behind a mask you can build strong lasting relationships with those around you.

CCDT's 2020/21 Company Apprentices. From Left: Hope Fritz, Marie-Elena LeBlanc Bellissimo, and Sera Bryce

Are there any choreographers, teachers, guest teachers or guest artists you have worked with at CCDT who have been greatly influential on your training and/or growth as a dancer and artist?

Honestly, every teacher I have had has made an impression on me. The guest teachers during SunDance were filled with enthusiasm and made me feel so included. The instructors I have had the privilege of working with in the studio have made me work hard, laugh lots and have fun learning.

Who is someone who regularly inspires you as a dancer/artist/creator/human being?

Someone that inspires me is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she is so confident and speaks her mind regardless of what other people think. She uses her role to speak for those who can’t use their voice.

What are you obsessed with these days?

I’m definitely obsessed with Gilmore Girls, this T.V. show is perfect for the fall season and I re-watch it every autumn to get in the spirit.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about auditioning for CCDT?

The advice I would give to someone thinking of auditioning is to go for it. CCDT is an amazing school and company with so much to offer and everyone is so supportive and welcoming. Even if you are unsuccessful, getting the audition experience is really important for any aspiring dancer.

Share an inspirational quote that you live by.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, but must be felt with the heart” -Helen Keller


Photos by Francesca Chudnoff


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