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STAR SEED Continues to Grow

In the fall of 2020, with Covid-19 keeping CCDT and performers worldwide out of theatres, choreographer Alyssa Martin planted the initial seeds for a new WinterSong creation about magical, otherworldly beings coming together in a ritual of self-discovery on the longest night of the year. Following that early exploration (which was cut short by pandemic shutdowns), last season saw a return to in-depth creation processes for CCDT and thus the fully realized stage premiere of STAR SEED in December 2021. Company member Marie-Elena LeBlanc Bellissimo, the only remaining dancer from the original 2020 cast, shares her insight on a three-year relationship with STAR SEED and Alyssa's inspiring creative energy.

STAR SEED 2021 performance photos by David Hou. Left: Marie-Elena, centre, with the cast. Right: Marie-Elena (top) and Hope Fritz.


A Starseed is a person whose soul is said to be from a different galaxy, planet, or star. They are beings of great wisdom and are sent to Earth to share this wisdom with others. They live fully, and are here to help others do so as well.

The creation process for STAR SEED, choreographed by Alyssa Martin, began back in the fall of 2020 during the height of early pandemic shutdowns. What was first a short dance film became a stage work in 2021, and now for this year's WinterSong, the company is remounting STAR SEED once more.

Marie-Elena in the 2020 short film version of STAR SEED by Alyssa Martin. Film still by Drew Berry.

Working with Alyssa has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Just like her pieces, she is incredibly energetic and enthusiastic. For me, the incredible thing about this work is that there is always room for individuality. Three different casts have been part of this piece, and each one brings something new and exciting to it.

STAR SEED was created to bring joy and laughter to the audience, but also to the dancers. Working on this piece has allowed me to find the places of caution and apprehension in my dancing, and let that all go. I've learned that I can work from a place of freedom and joy, and I hope that watching STAR SEED will help the audience find that feeling too.


Don't miss Marie-Elena LeBlanc Bellissimo performing STAR SEED by Alyssa Martin, as well as works by Carol Anderson, Colin Connor, Rodney Diverlus, and Apolonia Velasquez in WinterSong - dances for a sacred season running Dec 9-11, 2022 at Fleck Dance Theatre. For details and tickets, click here.


WATCH: STAR SEED by Alyssa Martin [trailer]

Video by Drew Berry. Trailer edited by Natasha Poon Woo.


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