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From Inspiration to Embodiment: Dancing the Mother in Nowell Sing We

Hope Fritz joined Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre in 2020 as an Apprentice, and is now in her third and final season performing with the company. From first experiencing Nowell as a school matinee audience member in 2019, Hope shares the connection she has cultivated to WinterSong's most beloved work and what it means to dance the featured role of the Mother this year.

Hope Fritz in rehearsal with Young Apprentice dancer Lucky Bai.


Nowell Sing We, choreographed by Carol Anderson, is a joyous piece filled with gorgeous images and a beautiful sense of community whilst celebrating the winter solstice. My first memory of Nowell was as an audience member going to see WinterSong with my school as a 14-year-old. I was mesmerized by the graceful and elegant presence of the Mother on stage, and since that day three years ago it has been my dream to play the Mother. Now, as a 17-year-old getting this opportunity to live my dream, it's a very emotional and full-circle moment.

Getting to embody the role of the Mother has taught me a lot about myself, and learning to care for another person as a parent would. Watching the rehearsal process of past dancers has taught me to understand the importance of this role, and now being a part of this year's process has allowed me to bring my own unique embodiment of the role. With my performance, I hope that I can inspire younger generations as I was inspired by watching the Mother three years ago.

Nowell is a very important part of CCDT's history, having been performed at every WinterSong since 1988 when it was first commissioned. Being a part of an iconic work in CCDT's repertoire has been such a beautiful experience that I'm eternally grateful for. I hope that every member of the audience will feel a part of the family we have at CCDT and dance along to the alluring piece that is Nowell Sing We.

The 2021 cast of Nowell Sing We. Photo by David Hou.


Hope Fritz performs Carol Anderson's Nowell Sing We in addition to works by Colin Connor, Rodney Diverlus, Alyssa Martin and Apolonia Velasquez in WinterSong - dances for a sacred season running Dec 9-11, 2022 at Fleck Dance Theatre. For details and tickets, click here.


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